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  • Calgary: Our First Month

    Today we blow our ”first month candle” in Calgary! And we’re in family because my brother-in-law joined us here for two weeks!

    One month after our departure from Paris CDG how is our life here e in Canada, in Calgary? If you followed our first and second week here you already know who we have a nice apartment on 17th Avenue,  a car (which I still haven’t driven), and for me a part-time job (which I love, it happens here at MARIBAKESHOP in Eastvillage) and a quarter time (which I hate…. It happens… Somewhere in Calgary !).

    So for a month here I think we’re doing pretty well!

     Canadians are so nice with us (but for real I mean) and Calgary is really a sunny city (I still had a doubt with the weather with google, but no, here it’s really very sunny even in winter). Well, we still have some snow in April ….. but  it’s also  very sunny!

    So this first month ends very well. Also with the arrival of my brother-in-law at home for two weeks our daily routine is a little different (let’s say that we out a lot…… especially at the bar right in front of our house). Speaking of going out and restaurants, we are slowly getting used to tips (in restaurants, in taxis, but also at the hairdresser)! I have to admit it was not very natural for us … but now it is!


    The objectives for the month of April are:

    • Find A job (For Charles)
    • Get out of my job (The restaurant that I hate, not the bakery!). Yes… itt’s been only been two weeks but I really don’t like this job)
    • See the grass in front of our house instead of the snow? maybe?


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