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  • Calgary VS Aix en Provence (France)

    We’ve been settled in our new Canadian home for a little over 4 months now. And one of the questions we’re asked a lot now is “Do you miss France, and what do you miss?

    So of course, number one is family, friends, colleges. (Don’t  you want to come to Calgary??) Then for me, the frustration of not being able to express myself as perfectly in English as I do in French (although…  do I really express myself  properly in French ^^). And last but not least, I miss the sea….and the swimming pools of Aix en Provence!!!!!

    Here is for this new article a small list of what I prefer in Aix en Provence, and what I prefer here in Calgary!

    AIX EN PROVENCE  – Domaine des Andéols 


    My favourite thing about Calgary :

    – The buildings,  downtown area so “North America
    –  All the jobs opportunities: in four months I already had 4 employers!!! And weeks of 50 hours! Here if you want to work… you can!
    – The number of (big) dogs I see in  the street….
    – The kindness of the people: the sense of service in shops and restaurants, and just the kindness and politeness of the people on the street, of our neighbours… well, of everyone here!
    – The coffeeshops (in Aix en Provence I still had my mana espresso, hose and anti coffee) but here the coffeeshop are so great! (favorite for Maribakeshop, Seednsalt, Rosso Coffee and Distilled Beauty Bar)
    The administrative facility: insurance card received in 10 days and driving license in 15 days, everything is so simple and fast!
    – Everything is open on Sundays, and late in the week (11pm for our supermarket) it’s still very convenient especially with our restaurant hours.

    What I miss about Aix en Provence :

    – The charm of the small streets of Provence, the Pavillon Noir and the Place d’Alberta
    Pastis at 3 euros on the terrace
    Monoprix (^^) (it’s a French supermarket and store)
    – The sea (good the sea it was rather in Marseille, but it is true that I miss the old Port also a little)
    Blogger events with girlfriends
    – Of course family and friends
    – • …. And cheese !!!!!!! (camembert of course – so cliché!)


    And if you went to live abroad, what do you think you would miss most?


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