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  • Canada …. my first week here !!! what’sup #1

    I am very happy to share with you  this  very first English article #what’sup. It’s now been seven days since we land up with our six suitcases here in Calgary, for, if all goes well, two years of WHV(working holiday visa).

    So after waiting five hours in London due to a problem on our flight, (edit: the trip was almost fully refunded so finally it was worth waiting!)  we finally made it to Calgary! We took a taxi to go to our AIR BNB (us and our 6 suitcases) and we  realized right away the patience of the Canadians. Our driver stopped at least 30 seconds in the middle of the street, without moving, to confirm our address, so the car behind us (which could not pass us because of the -tonne- of snow) did not even graze his horn. Impressive enough for us coming straight from France !!

    We started the next day going downtown with a quite cold day : -20°c. On the way to the bus, we saw a lady cleaning the front of her house wearing ONLY a t-shirt OMG, and a guy walking his dog in a sweater. Obviously locals guys !  We were fine with with jackets, gloves, fleece and scarves! 

    The first day was very efficient (despite the jet lag) during which we opened our bank accounts (at hsbc), created our social security number and almost** found a place to live…not bad for one day. Oh yeah, and we also got little gifts just because we’d just arrived! Too nice a welcome!!

    The second day we did some shopping (just to buy winter boots and coats) and we bought sim card for our news Canadian phone numbers. I went to bed at 7pm again, between the cold and the time difference I confess to be really exhausted at the end of the day!

    Now the objective of the following week is to find work and accommodation, if possible a furnished appartement or condo, and maybe a car.

    See you next week for the two-week review!

    (and a little bird tells me I gonna have some good news to tell you!!!)






    Our objectives for this week #1 were :

    • Arriving in canada: done
    • Open our bank accounts: done
    • Have our Canadian phones: done
    • Have our SIN : done



    Our objectives for week #2 were:

    • Find accommodation
    • Find a job


    (that’s all !)

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