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  • Shopaholic dream : Liz & Lottie (East Village, Calgary)

    Let’s go to the heart of East Village (one of my favorite neighborhoods in Calgary) at Liz & Lottie. Open since 2016 Lizz and Lottie is the perfect store to find the gift for your best friend, your lover….or just for yourself! Having worked 4 months at Mari Bakeshop right next door I can tell you that I  spend  a lot of time at Liz & Lottie during my lunch breaks or after work. (or before). I completely love the collection of cards (birthday, wedding, congratulations) funny and offbeat, the delicate jewels and thei rs mugs! You will find original gifts for everyone and for all occasions!! mom, dad, brothers and sisters, grandfather, friend, dog (yes!), baby, boss… for everyone I tell you! I love this little shop, it’s the perfect place if you need a gift for someone or if you’re just looking to spoil yourself! You’ll also find local brands like Local Laudry or Bark, which  is a very good point! 

    Crédit Photo : Liz & Lottie

    The two owners Nikki and Heidi (above on the picture, posing in front of the respective portraits of their grandmothers – who gave their name to the store -) are super nice… and delirious….. you have to check out their INSTAGRAM account! (and I don’t know about you but I want to buy even more when I think the saleswomen are nice!)
    I have already bought a necklace for my sister (who unfortunately got lost between Canada and France), a card for a friend’s wedding, a second necklace for me, a little plastic plant, a happy planner…. Well, you got it, I think. Plus the prices are completely reasonable!
    And if you go to Lizz and Lottie don’t forget to stop by Maribakeshop (and eat some very good French bread!)

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