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  • To Do list before the big move ! / Working Holidays Visa Canada

    Canada ….. Here we come very soon ! I will tell you everything about this new adventure, share with you all my good deals, how to be ready for this big move !

    22/11/17 : The departure approaches… well everything is relative because we leave only in 3 months. And by the way, where are we going in Canada… well for now we’re not sure yet ! It’s true that the PVT gives us the chance to work in every province in Canada… hard to choose! But, having said that, the preparations are still moving forward!  So here is my first TO DO LIST to print if you also leave soon!!! (if you want the Excel version send me a little email: marion@wittymary.com)

    LTO DO LIST ”’ Before Going PVT” to CANADA PRINT

    29//11/17: I think we have chosen our destination ….. TEMBURS ROLL………this CALGARY in Alberta!!!!!!! Now the next step will be : buy the plane ticket !

    18/01/18: The plane tickets are bought (450€ one way, with 2 luggage of 23kg each), and the cars sold!!! Now we have to tackle the resumes, covers letters and find the best health insurance. Oh yes and the Air BNB is booked ! (for 2 weeks).

    28/02/18: We’re on the plane!!!! My God this time it’s for real!!!

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