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  • Why I LOVE Calgary ?

    When (according to me) 70% of Canada WHV choose Montreal, 10% Toronto and 10% Vancouver, why did we choose Calgary ?

    Maybe I’ll disappointed you, bus no crush between Montreal and me (it’s a nice city, I went there twice, but I don’t see myself settling there) (and then….. too many French French there)
    Toronto ? too expensive, too dense and restless
    Vancouver? too much rain……….. and WAYYYYYYYY too expensive (especially without job)
    Quebec why not?I really love Quebec City! A small town, full of charm, nature right next door, not so far from France ….. and then finally the 15% tax, the rather complicated administration and the fact that many people (translate French) chose Quebec made us change our mind.

    So… where were we going?

    And that’s when we started studying all (and I mean all) the Provinces of Canada and got to know Calgary, Alberta! Calgary is a dynamic city, rich, young and very near  the Rockies. A good start no ? But why did Calgary really win compared to all the other destinations that were reaching out to us?

    Here are the 10 reasons that made us choose CALGARY :

    • A city big enough to find work but not too busy either
    • I wanted water (lake, ocean, river) in our next town: here is the Bow River that surrounds Prince Island
    • Weather: snow in winter, but very sunny weather
    • The proximity of the mountains (Banf is 90min from Calgary)
    • The train: even if the car remains essential here there is the CTRAIN (kind of tramway)
    • The cost of living: rents are not cheap either but it remains feasible
    • 5% provincial tax (one of the lowest in Canada)
    • English: what better way to progress than in an English-speaking city?
    • The few French people who chose this destination: a big change for us
    • And finally the price of plane tickets remained affordable (translate by: friends and family can visit us, and we will be able to go back in France)

    And for three months there, were our reasons right then? Everything was true!!! Frankly, I think Calgary deserves to be better known among French (and Belgian) PVT people.

    And finally even without a car it’s possible (as long as you live downtown). Finally I would add that Calgarians are really warm, polite and friendly. Real Canadians! I also love”architecture” (yes in quotation marks because we remain a brand new city and without real history) but personally I love photographing buildings and downtown. Last point: cafes and restaurants… the choice is just incredible!!!!!

    So after three months here we don’t regret our choice for a moment! 

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